Research shows we all need sleep, although some of us think we don’t need as much as others. Sleep is vital to our health and well being. When we have pain or stress our sleep can be interrupted. Individuals with shoulder pain often require sleeping sitting up, especially after surgery. There are wedges and pillows…

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National Sweet Vidalia Onion Month?

Hey! Did you know that May is National Family Wellness month? (among about 267 other National Monthly Observances, National Appreciation Days/Weeks, and National Awareness Weeks/Months). Why are we so inundated with these made up special events? Isn’t it hard enough to keep up with the major holidays that we and our parents and grandparents grew up…

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My Arthroscopic Surgeries and Recovery, by Bradon Griffith, ATC, PTA, CSCS

What to Expect After an Arthroscopic Shoulder or Knee Surgery   Having experienced two knee and one shoulder arthroscopies, I could be considered an expert in the recovery process.  Many patients ask me, what should I expect after surgery?  What is the rehabilitation process going to be like? Well, I tell them this: pain is…

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