Is Trail Running Bad for Your Joints? 5 Myths Debunked

woman trail running with pink shoes

“Is trail running bad for your joints?” This question often comes up among runners in Washington State, where the beautiful trails attract outdoor enthusiasts. With the growing popularity of trail running, many people worry about the impact on their joint health. In this blog, we’ll debunk five common myths this style of running and joint…

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Is Running Really That Bad For Your Knees?

a man running on a road

Is running really bad for your knees? It’s a question we get asked a lot. And with knee pain from running being one of the most common complaints among runners, it’s easy to see why this topic garners so much attention. As a physical therapist, I want to dive into this debate and shed some…

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5 Paddling Mistakes That Lead to Injuries and How to Avoid Them

people kayaking and paddling on a lake

Paddling and kayaking in Washington during summer is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors, but did you know that improper paddling techniques can lead to serious injuries? As a physical therapist, I’ve seen firsthand how common paddling mistakes can turn an enjoyable activity into a painful experience. In this blog, we’re going to…

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5 Proven Ways to Ward Off Back Pain While Gardening

a woman wearing a straw hat and black apron cutting a potted plant having back pain during gardening

Now that spring has sprung, many of us are itching to get out into our gardens. It’s the perfect time to plant, prune, and prepare those beds for the coming months. Gardening is a fantastic way to stay active. However, it can come with its challenges, particularly when it comes to our backs. As a…

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Spring Running Tips: 5 Ways To Safely Increase Your Mileage

spring running tips

Spring Running Tips: 5 Ways To Safely Increase Your Mileage Are you looking to take your running to the next level this spring? We’ve got you covered with these valuable tips to help you safely increase your mileage. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, these strategies will ensure that you make progress…

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The 5 Best Low Impact Exercises For Back Pain According To A Physical Therapist

couple walking doing low impact exercises

Low impact exercises for back pain… Picture this: It’s a bright Monday morning. You’re ready to kickstart your week with a burst of energy, but there’s one problem – your back pain, a constant companion that keeps you from enjoying your favorite activities. You’re not alone. According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 31 million…

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12 Healthy Habits to Adopt for a Healthier Lifestyle in 2024

healthy habits for 2024

Incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine is a game-changer when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s starting your day with a nutritious breakfast or making time for regular exercise, these small changes can make a big difference. In this blog, we’re going to explore 12 simple yet powerful healthy habits that…

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Our Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips for Balancing Wellness and Festivities This Christmas

The holiday season often presents a challenge for maintaining health and fitness. To help you enjoy the festivities without compromising your well-being, we have compiled our top 10 tips for a healthy christmas. Incorporate these strategies into your holiday routine to stay on track with your wellness goals while still indulging in the joy of…

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How Can I Improve My Core Muscles?

Are you wondering how you can improve your core muscles? Click here to find out more and how you can strengthen your core muscles.

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How To Stay Active As We Get Older

Are you looking to stay active as you approach your golden years? It’s never too late to start moving, exercise is good for people of all ages.  As you get older staying active can be hugely beneficial to both your physical and mental health.  Regular exercise can reduce pain, relieve stress, improve sleep, lower risk…

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