National Sweet Vidalia Onion Month?

onionHey! Did you know that May is National Family Wellness month? (among about 267 other National Monthly Observances, National Appreciation Days/Weeks, and National Awareness Weeks/Months). Why are we so inundated with these made up special events? Isn’t it hard enough to keep up with the major holidays that we and our parents and grandparents grew up with? You know–Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the others. Have we gone too far when we are recognizing “National Two Different Colored Shoes Day” as a holiday? I mean, seriously–“National Dating and Life Coach Recognition Week?  Borderline Personality Disorder Month???” Stop the insanity!!!! You doubt me? You think these are made up holidays and observances? Check it out  I speak the truth. Right there on the internet, so it MUST be factual. I googled it, so there!

Back to my point. What was my point? Oh yeah, National Family Wellness Month. Yayyyy! I’m bakin’ cupcakes! Oh–wait, but that wouldn’t be healthy. Isn’t wellness all about being healthy, eating well, exercising, taking time out to see your doctors, rest up and de-stress, etc.? Well, as much as these made-up holidays and observances chap my hide, I for one, am going to observe just this one! (okay, and maybe just National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day).     Whaaaaaat????      Don’t judge me.

I am going to make a solid effort to get back to exercising, eating healthier, and taking time to just enjoy my family. It has been a long time since we all just relaxed together, took in a movie, went on a hike, a bike ride, or took a short road-trip, just the four of us. I think we’re overdue. Not to mention, I haven’t seen the working side of my treadmill in months, haven’t been to the dentist in 2 years, have been binging on french fries for several weeks, and look like a cast member of “The Walking Dead.” Some sleep might do me some good, just sayin’. But this weekend, I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m gonna go hiking at the park, walk my dogs each night, stock up on veggies and start juicing at least once/day, make an appointment with my dentist, and get this darn Plantar wart removed after 3 months!!! (made the appointment today, people!) I am motivated! Summer is coming and my family will be healthy, happy, chocked full of wellness, and ready to go!!!

..and just think. If it wasn’t for this darn National Family Wellness Month? All of this wellness in my life may never have happend. Maybe they aren’t so bad afterall…maybe.


Andrew Vertson