The Key to a Strong and Injury-Free Body: Importance of Physical Therapy for Body Maintenance

physical therapy and body maintenance

Just as regular servicing is essential to keep a car running smoothly and prevent breakdowns, body maintenance through physical therapy is key to building a strong and injury-free body. Imagine ignoring the strange noises from your car’s engine or skipping your annual service check; soon enough, you’d likely find yourself stranded on the side of…

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Spring Running Tips: 5 Ways To Safely Increase Your Mileage

spring running tips

Spring Running Tips: 5 Ways To Safely Increase Your Mileage Are you looking to take your running to the next level this spring? We’ve got you covered with these valuable tips to help you safely increase your mileage. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, these strategies will ensure that you make progress…

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5 Essential Tech Neck Exercises to Alleviate Pain and Improve Posture

woman doing tech neck exercises

Tech neck exercises have become a necessity in our digital age, where screens dominate much of our day. Picture this: you’re hunched over your phone, scrolling through emails, or binge-watching your favorite series on a tablet. Without realizing it, hours have slipped by, and now your neck aches. This scenario is all too familiar for…

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The Top Best 8 Stretches to Ease Calf Pain

When To Worry About Calf Pain

When to worry about calf pain? It’s a question many of us find ourselves asking after a long day on our feet, an intense workout, or when we notice unusual discomfort in our lower legs. Calf pain is a common ailment that can range from a mild nuisance to a symptom of a more serious…

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10 Effective Achilles Tendonitis Exercises to Relieve Pain and Strengthen Your Legs

man doing Achilles Tendonitis Exercises

Achilles Tendonitis Exercises are your first line of defense in combating the nagging pain that characterizes this common condition. If you’ve found yourself grappling with a sharp sensation at the back of your ankle upon waking, you’re likely navigating the challenges of Achilles tendonitis. As a physical therapy clinic owner in Washington state, I’ve seen…

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Quick Relief: Tips for Managing Sudden Hip and Lower Back Pain

Sudden Hip and Lower Back Pain

Sudden hip and lower back pain can emerge as unwelcome intruders in your life, disrupting your daily routine and impacting your overall well-being. Whether stemming from an awkward twist, an unanticipated injury, or the complexities of sacroiliac joint dysfunction, the discomfort can be both debilitating and disheartening. However, understanding the root causes and adopting effective…

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Managing Knee Pain Postpartum: 5 Tips for New Moms

knee pain postpartum

Knee pain postpartum is a common concern among new moms, so if you’re experiencing it, you’re not alone! After the arrival of a new baby, a mother’s body continues to recover from the months of pregnancy, during which significant changes have taken place. These changes, including hormonal fluctuations and shifts in body weight, can contribute…

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What Is the Best Treatment for Osteoarthritis?

What Is the Best Treatment for Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) might sound like complex medical jargon, but it’s a condition that touches the lives of millions. So, what exactly is OA? Simply put, it’s the most common form of arthritis, a condition that causes joint pain and stiffness by wearing down the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of your bones. It can…

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Coping with Ankylosing Spondylitis: Tips for Managing Pain and Improving Mobility

Have you or someone you know been navigating the challenges of ankylosing spondylitis? This chronic condition, marked by inflammation in the spine and large joints, can transform daily tasks into daunting hurdles. But with the right strategies, living well with ankylosing spondylitis is entirely possible. Here’s your guide to managing pain, enhancing mobility, and maintaining…

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Why Do My Heels Hurt When I Walk? The Top 5 Reasons Explained

woman with ankle pain when walking

“Why do my heels hurt when you walk?“ If that sounds like you, you’re definitely not alone. I run a physical therapy clinic where I’ve heard this question more times than I can count. Turns out, a lot of us are dealing with heel pain and it’s no small deal. It can turn picking up…

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