Tips for a Safe and Healthy Summer Season!

With summer here, we venture outdoors to cool off in the pool or beach.  We dust off the bar-b-que, and we spend more time soaking in the vitamin D.  Here are three tips to help enjoy the sunshine and family fun safely!

The middle of the day (10 am to 4pm) is when the sun will be at its peak and the greatest chance of issues can occur.  Especially during this time limit your exposure to direct sunlight.  To prevent sunburn wear broad spectrum sunscreen and remember to re-apply every 30-45 minutes.  You should also use protection to your head and eyes to prevent excessive UV rays which can burn your scalp and corneas!  Just as important is to drink ample water!  On a typical day you should be drinking 8-12 cups of water but on a warm, sunny day you should be drinking significantly more!  Watch for the signs of heat stroke: hot, red, skin; rapid, weak, pulse; shallow breathing.  If you experience these signs take shade and cool yourself down A.S.A.P.!

If you are cooling off at the beach, remember some basics of ocean safety.  First, check with the lifeguard for the current weather conditions, especially rip tides.  If you are swimming, keep sober and swim with a buddy or two.  Young, or in-experienced swimmers should stay close to shore and be monitored by a teen or adult.  If you are at the lake or pool the supervision of inexperienced swimmers is just as important.  It only takes seconds for a poor swimmer to lose their footing.  Just as important is protect your neck!  Do not dive in to the water, walk carefully in to shallow water.

At some point during the day everyone will become hungry.  When it’s time to pull the grill out, make sure you follow some basic safety tips to protect those around you.  Always make sure you are grilling in an open area, away from the house, other structures, even trees and overgrown plants.  Make sure everyone, including pets, stay away from the grill.  Use a good food thermometer to ensure you have cooked the food to the proper temperatures.

Summer is a time for family fun and times to build lifelong memories.  Please use these tips to ensure everyone has a safe summer season!

Andrew Vertson