Overcoming Postpartum Joint Pain - What You Need To Know

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“14 Tips To Ease Discomfort and Reclaim Your Strength So You Can Enjoy Motherhood Pain-Free!”

Discover 14 key strategies for overcoming postpartum joint pain, regardless of how long you've been dealing with it or if you've been led to believe there's no solution!

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Andrew Vertson

Andrew Vertson, PT, DPT, ATC

Physical Therapist

A Personal Note from our owner Andrew Vertson, Specialist Physical Therapist

Please note: Intecore PT specializes in addressing general postpartum aches and pains and does not offer pelvic floor therapy. We encourage consulting a certified pelvic floor physical therapist for specific concerns while we support your recovery with tailored exercise programs.

I've crafted THIS GUIDE specifically for new mothers grappling with the persistent challenge of postpartum joint pain – a relentless discomfort that can follow you into motherhood, affecting your back ankles, knees, neck, and shoulders. This type of pain becomes an unwelcome shadow in your life, complicating even the simplest tasks.

It’s that constant "dull ache" or "sharp pain" in your joints that leaves you feeling helpless, compelling you to stop everything, reach for pain relievers, and wonder how long you'll have to put your life on pause, waiting for the pain to diminish to find some relief.

The postpartum joint pain I’m referring to might greet you in the morning with such severity that getting out of bed or bending over to pick up your baby feels like a task. Imagine starting your day under such strain. Or it could be that persistent pain you feel each time you go to feed your baby or the continuous ache that prevents you from enjoying time quality time with your family or engaging fully in motherhood.

The reality is, that relying on pain medication can have adverse effects on your health, and the often-advised prolonged periods of "rest" only delay the joint pain relief you desperately seek. Extended rest and maintaining less-than-ideal postures can further degrade your condition, leading to increased stiffness and discomfort.

In my 20+ years of helping individuals get relief from acute and chronic joint pain postpartum, I've consistently observed that the cycle of rest and medications does not tackle the root cause of most chronic postpartum joint pain, contrary to popular medical opinion.

I’ve met many mothers like YOU, needlessly suffering with joint pain after pregnancy, which motivated me to compile and offer a FREE 10-page guide detailing 14 actionable strategies for natural postpartum joint pain relief.

While there's no guarantee that these 14 strategies will eliminate your postpartum joint pain, and I can't assure that what has helped many of my patients over the years will work for you, opting to read this guide is undoubtedly a more proactive choice than another day of "resting," resigning to the discomfort, masking it with medication, or dismissing it as just another aspect of postpartum recovery.

If your joint pain is hindering your ability to work, limiting your mobility, or impacting your quality time with your family, you NEED to read this free guide.

Consider where you might be in five years if you don’t address your postpartum joint pain now. How could it affect your career, self-esteem, or independence? What kind of mother, partner, or friend will you be if the pain persists?

Now is the time to take action and request my free tips guide on how to alleviate postpartum joint pain. You can do so by calling (360) 472-4369, or by clicking the yellow button below and confirming your details.


Andrew Vertson

Andrew Vertson, Leading Physical Therapist in Washington State

“14 Tips To Ease Discomfort and Reclaim Your Strength So You Can Enjoy Motherhood Pain-Free!”

Discover 14 key strategies for overcoming postpartum joint pain, regardless of how long you've been dealing with it or if you've been led to believe there's no solution!

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Ron Ron, Early 60s, Bremerton

I came here with severe pain in the muscles of my hip. I couldn't stand without pain and certainly couldn't do my normal routine. I'm back to jogging and walking without pain. I have appreciated the skills and knowledge of my therapist, Samantha, and her endless creativity in adjusting my exercises according to my capabilities in the moment. I feel that my time in therapy has been very well and I have looked forward to the sessions.

Diane Diane, 40s, Silverdale

Oh my goodness - where to start ... I am blown away by my care, my plan, and the support given here. Everyone was very professional, and approachable, and provided insights into what could be happening with my lower back and leg. Samantha is incredible! She listened to me and provided care appropriate to my issues rather than a checklist. In my past physical therapy care at other places, I felt like a number and many of the treatments were irrelevant.

What a wonderful experience to be heard and get real help with my issues. Sam was able to validate what was happening and find real solutions. She does so with compassion, reassurance, and perfectly timed humor. I appreciate her more than I can ever express. Additionally, the team here is fantastic, welcoming and helpful. I am so very impressed with my care. I am glad to be experiencing real relief along with a plan to prevent further issues.

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