Groin Injuries: Who Gets Them And Why They Hurt So Bad?

hip-adductors-154x300A very common yet still pertinent problem in sports and daily activities are the presence of hip adductor strains or more commonly known as groin strains.  It is a disruption or tear to any one of the 5 hip adductor muscles that aid in bringing the leg in towards the body. These muscles include the pectineus, adductor brevis, adductor magnus, gracilis and the adductor longus which is the most commonly strained of the group.  These muscle strains are not limited to sports such as hockey, track and soccer, but also jobs that utilize squatting, kneeling, or crawling can cause strains to the hip and thigh. A pulled groin can range from mild to completely debilitating.

Groin injury pain pattern. MendMeShop ®   ©2012

Once other diagnoses such as a hernia or fracture are ruled out, a groin pull or adductor strain is commonly treated initially with active rest, anti-inflammatories and ice, followed by physical therapy to address muscular limitations and return to activity. PT’s will work on passive and active motion of the legs and hips to help promote healing as well as eccentric strengthening activities to encourage return to sport/work training.  It is recommended that before doing activities or sports that involve lower body running, squatting and jumping, to perform an active warm up to ensure good tissue extensibility.  Consult your primary care physician or contact Intecore Physical Therapy for any questions or concerns you may have.

Kristin Timbers, PT, DPT


Andrew Vertson