Four things you cannot do with a bad neck…

I have heard the complaints many times… ”I have a kink in my neck” or “It hurts too much to move.” Neck pain is serious business and not taking care of these issues can lead to other complaints such as shoulder pain or even tingling and numbness down the arm. Below are 4 things that are significantly limited due to neck pain.
1) Turn to look behind you while driving-
When you have a “bad” neck the pain and dysfunction limits the amount of movement your vertebra can make. This leads to a lack of full motion in the neck, not allowing you to fully look behind you before you change lanes. In fact, unsafe lane changes is the a significant cause of car accidents (#11 out of the top 25).

2) Read a good book-
Do you like to curl up on the couch and read a good book? When you have severe issues with the joints in your neck, this is not possible. If you leave your neck issues unchecked this cause lead to an increase in osteoarthritis, just like your knees and hips, which make looking up or down (such as reading) very painful.

3) Lift your shoulder to fix your hair-
When your neck pain is significant, it also means there could be significant damage in the neck. The nerves that run down to the muscles in the arm start in the neck and these nerves can be compressed. This compression can lead to weakness or sensation problems (i.e. tingling and numbness). If the nerves are damaged and the muscles weak, you might lose the ability to life your arm over your head to fix your hair.

4) FOCUS on your life due to the severe headaches-
Neck pain will cause increased muscle tightness in the small muscles of the neck. This muscle tightness will in turn cause compression of the vertebrae of the neck and can cause subsequent compression of the nerves coming out between the vertebra.

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Andrew Vertson