An Ounce of Prevention…

runnerIn my commitment to get healthier and get back in shape, I have struggled to get backon a normal schedule running daily. JUst a couple miles each day,, but enough to get my heart rate up, and burn some calories while strengthening and tightening the jiggly parts. As usual, I always try to over do it, and being the freak that I can be at times, I was running 2 miles in the morning, and 2 more in the evening. (I was doing this for two reasons, 1) I’m too lazy to get up early enough to squeeze extra miles in and 2) It kept me from snacking on the kid’s mac and cheese while they ate their dinner). Another small sidenote: I rarely, if EVER have stretched before or after running. I know better, I end up in pain eventually, I have been warned multiple times, but no. I might also want to mention now, that I can be somewhat stubborn. Yes, I admitted it.

It wasn’t 5 days and I was running along my usual path and feeling pretty good that I had stayed on track with my gameplan, then Poof! #INSTAPAIN! The left side of my hip/buttocks area felt like someone was poking it with the non fuzzy end of a swifter duster! Dang! And it was not going away. I know sometimes I can adjust my breathing and run through cramps, but this was not budging. In fact it became so painful, I considered walking home (actually I DID try to walk, but it hurt just as bad and I was in a hurry to get home). My hip/fanny continued to hurt until I got to the office. So, of course I questioned my boss, Andrew Vertson, PT, DPT, ATC for some free physical therapy advice. (It’s a perk I take advantage of often). He is quite used to my nonsense, and immediately said, “Did you stretch?” Which you and I both know I did not. He asked me a couple more basic questions, and telling me I bring it on myself, Advised me of some stretches for my Piriformis muscle (sp?). Needless to say, I’m all better. Running just once per day, and stretching before and after. Go ME!!!!!!  Eventually, I learn. Happy Monday All!


Andrew Vertson