5 Great Things To Do In Orange County If You Didn’t Have Back Pain

Orange County is home to many picturesque places and fun things to do.

From challenging mountain hiking trails, attractions to visit with the kids or grandkids to amazing beaches, there is a range of different activities.  There’s something for everyone!

Living in Orange County means you can walk and hike through mountain ranges, see beautiful scenery and nature and spend the day learning something new.

But if you’ve got back pain – then it becomes almost impossible to enjoy all that the “OC” has to offer.

Just last week I had a patient call the clinic telling me their back pain had “flared up” AGAIN!

It’s not uncommon that we hear these flare-ups mean activities and family days out have to be put aside for another day…

…until their back pain goes away.

It’s unlikely it will go away alone, and even if it does, it usually means it will flare up again.

Anyway, here’s 5 great things to do in Orange County (that many of our patients have told us they can’t do because their back is so bad, they’re scared it will put them out).

1) The Great Park

This one is ideal for those who love to be active and do different activities.

You can picnic with the whole family and just relax…

…or you spend time walking the fresh farmers market or the Farm + Food lab.

There are several sports parks and fitness areas but don’t forget the carousel or the Orange Balloon.  There’s an option for everyone in the family.

2) Santa Ana Zoo

Here’s one that is ideal to do with the kids or grandkids if you want to spend some fun, and educational, time…

There’s over 120 different species and 350 animals and 20 acres of walking.

They have plenty of events and activities scheduled in the upcoming months.

3) Whiting Ranch Park

Whiting Ranch Park is perfect for those who like to be more active and adventurous.

With 23 trails and 17 miles of primary trails allowing horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking.

Hiking provides beautiful scenery to admire, which you can never get enough of.  Be sure to watch out for wildlife including coyote, mountain lions!

4) Discovery Cube

When the summer sun is searing and being outside is not an ideal option, spend the afternoon inside the Discovery Science Center to inspire young minds through engaging exhibits.

The first floor has a rock climbing wall, a small star exhibit and other cool small science experiences.

Upstairs they have a hockey center, a small grocery store where kids can go in and answer questions by scanning the correct items, there’s a space center, and tornado simulator and many other fun things.

The exhibitions and hands-on experiences, meaning everyone get can stuck in with learning something new.

5) Saddleback Peak

As many of you will already know, it’s one of the most prominent landmarks of the Orange County area.

There is one main hiking trail for more experienced hikers and it can be very strenuous.

If you prefer something active, the Holy Jim Trail is for you!

Reaching the 5,689-foot summit is rewarded with views to Catalina and San Jacinto that are unmatched.

If you’ve got back pain – a bad back that’s flared up, has come on out of the blue, or if you’ve been suffering for a while that it’s just become a normal part of your daily life – that doesn’t have to be the case.  Click Here for a FREE Consultation to leanr how we can help with your stubborn back pain!


Andrew Vertson