Snow Board & Skate Board Injury Prevention

As more snowboarders hit the slopes and features, one must expect a higher incidence of injuries.

The most common injuries for snowboarders are wrist injuries which can vary from a simple strain to a complicated fracture. One way to avoid these injuries are to use wrist splints or a glove with a support built into the glove.

The most severe injury associated with snow boarding is usually very preventable. That often catastrophic injury is a traumatic brain injury. The mode of prevention is a proper fitting helmet.


Anyone who performs a sport with any speed involved, and who could fall onto a hard surface, should always wear a helmet. This included skateboarders, cyclists, roller bladders, ice and roller hockey players, and even kids on scooters.

Anyone who knows a family that experienced a child with traumatic brain injury would insist on this most vital piece of equipment.

Lisa Meyerhof-Jones MS. PT


Andrew Vertson