Saving You Money

So I get asked this question a lot:

“What’s the difference between a chiropractor and a physical therapist?”

(as in, who’s the “best” one to see, to have back pain solved?)

In order to really answer it, I have to ask you a question…

“What do you want to happen?”?

Do you want to keep going to see someone for two visits per week, for the remainder of your life?


Do you want to have someone do everything for you, over a short but sustained period of time, THEN show you the things that you can be doing on your own at home (to keep cost down) and maintain the good progress that you’ve made to make sure relief from back pain is long lasting?

If your choice is the latter, then choose to see a physical therapist.


Unlike chiropractors, our goal is NOT to have you coming back for two sessions of “adjustments” per week for the rest of your life.

Sure you may need two or three sessions of physical therapy per week, in the early part of your care plan, but once we’ve done the “adjustments” we THEN show you how YOU can look after your back yourself.

Saving you TIME and MONEY.

An answer to a very common question…

Choose PT if you want the right mix of “everything done for you” to ease pain quickly, plus exercises and advice given to find long lasting relief.

Choose to see a chiropractor if you want to rely upon someone for the next 20 years as well as have costly bills mount up at the end of each month.

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Andrew Vertson