Holiday Shopping Can Help Keep You Active And Mobile

Tis’ the season for Holiday Parties and of course Aunt Betty’s famous fruitcake! It’s also the season for everyone to pay a visit to the mall…so, let’s talk about something that might be able to keep you healthy and active (and burn more calories than you might think! – Which might be needed of course), around the festive season.


Holiday shopping can do one of two things – cause you frustration and stress OR bring you delight and enjoyment, but let me ask you this, have you ever considered that shopping might be a legitimate addition to your weekly exercise routine?

I am completely serious! Hours of walking around the shops can clock up a huge amount of steps, and you can even burn up to 200 calories doing so! If you see someone out jogging, they’ll have to run at the same pace for up to 30 minutes to burn the same amount of calories. And even though they’re keeping active for a shorter amount of time, for those of you who don’t enjoy jogging or booking yourself into a gym class, shopping especially at this time of year is a great alternative to keeping active.

Of course I’m not saying shopping alone should replace your regular exercise regime, but it’s nice to know that an everyday activity like this counts towards your daily exercise goals, (not to mention the next time someone says you shop too much, you can use this as the perfect excuse).

So my take-away for you today is this, while traditional exercises like running and finding a fitness class you enjoy are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – everyday activities can be an additional way to get you moving.

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Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

Andrew Vertson