You Shouldn’t Ignore Those Aches and Pains

Prior injuries, lack of physical activity, and existing chronic conditions increase the risk of injury. The pain felt may range from mild ache to a sharp, severe, pain.

It is common for people to assume a good night’s sleep will cure the pain.  Often this pain worsens the next morning. When the muscles and joints are pushed beyond their limits, an injury occurs, and physical therapy is needed.

Physical therapists are educated to determine what is physiologically normal and this plays a significant role in identifying a baseline level of conditioning, and improving it over time. Physical therapists are well trained in a number of techniques including skilled manual therapy, strengthening exercises, joint stabilization methods and more to prevent, and more importantly help in injury recovery.

During the initial evaluation, a therapist will determine your specific goals and ask questions that pertain to your daily, functional, activities.  This information is valuable and allows the therapist to build a customized plan tailored to your needs.  With years of extensive training in anatomy and human movement, a physical therapist is the health specialist in this arena.  The therapist will not only recognize your limits but also assist you safely pushing your body to reach its limits.   It is a well-known scientific fact that this increases your physical capabilities over time, and your physical therapist is the ideal professional to help!

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Andrew Vertson