A Moving Body Is A Healthy Body

When someone talks about “being healthy” most people assume healthy means eating the right food. Actually, eating the right things is just one aspect of being healthy.  Having strong muscles and bones is just as essential for having a healthy body and a healthy life.   Activity is just as important to your heart, lungs, and brain…giving you a healthy body.


Being healthy is more than just maintaining the right weight.  Being healthy is also the ability to do the things that you love…playing golf or tennis, surfing, playing with your grand kids.  Unfortunately, many people can be “activity limited” because of injuries, illnesses, or conditions.

Do you think that physical therapy is only for athletes or those who have just had some kind of major surgery?   Have you ever wondered, “Who is physical therapy for?” Well, I have some great news for you: physical therapy is for everyone and easily accessible to everyone.

Physical therapists are educated professionals who specialize in movement.  Our dedication is to educate you on your specific situation and develop an individualized program that is made to help you meet your healthy goals. Remember, this is what we do best to allow you to being your best.

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Andrew Vertson