The Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving (AND have your body Thank You for it..)

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and everyone’s looking forward to getting together with family and indulging (why not?).

Fortunately, I have put together 10 ways for you to ‘have your turkey and eat it too.’

Roasted turkey garnished with cranberries on a rustic style table decoraded with pumpkins, gourds, asparagus, brussel sprouts, baked vegetables, pie, flowers, and candles.

Here they are:

1. Drink plenty of water throughout the week – especially before heavy meals.

2. Walk off that big dinner (you can even make it a family outing and exercise while enjoying one another’s company.

3. Create a caloric deficit by upping your exercise routine the week of the big meal.

4. Make simple substitutions, such as lighter milk and cream, to enjoy your favorite treats without the heavy health impact.

5. Make small cutbacks on sugars and salts involved in the cooking process as most recipes call for more than is needed.

6. Continue to have evenly-paced meals throughout the day. Having a normal breakfast and lunch will help you to refrain from overdoing it at dinner and dessert.

7. Use smaller plates. Many times people will overeat purely because they pile larger portions onto wide plates. Give yourself a mental edge by using a smaller plate and having smaller portions.

8. Eat slowly to allow your body time to begin digestion. You may find yourself feeling full far earlier than you would have thought.

9. Beware of alcohol intake. It’s easy to drink more than your normal amount during holidays, but too much alcohol can cause a variety of problems, including dehydration.

10. Relax. Stress is a huge health risk and contributes to a vast variety of ailments. Allow yourself to enjoy the holiday.

Andrew Vertson