Language Of Back Pain

The language of back pain, how people describe the pain, is noteworthy and revealing to your physical therapist.

Spine problems affect people across the globe with the low back commonly seen as something trivial and is often a dismissed condition by patients and doctors alike.  Low back pain is felt in the lower area of the spine, the lumbar region, but can originate from above or below this region.


Symptoms of low back pain will vary depending on the structures effected. Low back pain can remain across the back, up the back, or radiate down the leg.  Any burning sensation or numbness in the low back should always be taken seriously and should receive medical attention

Low back pain can be caused by a number of reasons, some of which include a herniated or protruded disc, arthritis of the joints, or a pinched nerve.  Or it simply can be muscular pain.

Since low back pain is so multifactorial, an individual approach is of utmost importance and a successful treatment of low back pain addresses the cause rather than the symptoms.  The initial physical therapist evaluation should address the “movement dysfunction” of the body.  This dysfunction is a result of the structures which are effected.  The treatment should also address the structures irritated (muscle, joint, nerve, disc and etc.).  Lastly a comprehensive exercise program should be developed to address dynamic stability (hips, back extensors, abdominal muscles) rather than just core strength.

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Andrew Vertson