Are You Balanced?

Proprioception and Its Affect on You

To give you a little background proprioception, it is a sense of balance and knowing where your joints are in space without you observing them.

Poor balance can compromise our proprioception system.  This makes individuals more prone to injury resulting in falls, ACL tears, and sprained ankles.   Young females are more prone to knee injuries secondary to hormonal and puberty changes.  Proper training with core strengthening and balance activities individuals decrease their risk for injury.

Simple exercises like single leg stance with eyes open and then challenging yourself with eyes closed can help improve the proprioception system.  Then progressing to a wobble board or blue foam pad can also challenge the proprioception system.

Core stability training and exercises can be prescribed as warranted to help address your current deficits.  With proper core strength whether you are a current athlete or a have a job that involves sitting our core is our powerhouse, which can prevent back injuries and help our balance.

Overall appropriate proprioceptive training prescribed by your Physical Therapist can help you prevent future injury.  Please come into one of our three Intecore locations to be assessed properly by a Physical Therapist to prevent future injury.

By Layla Rabbani, PT, DPT



Andrew Vertson